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My husband said to me, “I will never understand how your brain works.”  And it occurred to me that even I don’t understand it either.  Since I quit going to therapy, I have not had to answer for my reactions to things that “normal people” would not react to.  I know there is really no such thing as normal, but that’s a topic for a much later day.

I decided that I needed to start keeping track of the times when I felt that I was being irrational illogical.  Using the word “irrational” included too much judgement on my part, and the whole point is to be kinder to myself.

If x, then y.  Else z.  Logic is beautiful.  Things move in one direction and things make sense.  Reality is not that simple, but maybe I can start to apply some of that logic to my own life so that it can be beautiful as well.